Iris Peter

“Recently, I had some terrible shoulder/neck pain due to who knows what. It happened last year and someone was able to help me out with it and advised to sleep with my pillows a certain way–I was told to sleep with the top pillow with my head resting on it, the bottom pillow to only be supporting my shoulder (the one that was in pain) and another pillow to put behind my back so that I was only slightly on my side when sleeping. The two pillows for my head and shoulder look like they were overlapping each other a bit and the reason for this was to ensure that my head and my shoulder blades were on the same level.

So this time when the pain came back, I figured I’d ask a PT student what to do. Some of the symptoms I was experiencing were excruciating pain when getting out of bed in the mornings (felt like I was breaking a rib or something, it was that bad!), and lots of tension in the left shoulder blade area that led up to my neck. There were points in the day where I couldn’t move my neck at all because the tension was so great. Anyway, I lost a lot of range of motion due to the neck pain and was in desperate need of fixing the pain ASAP.

Joses recommended a simple exercise that helped IMMENSELY. What he told me to do was to cross my left arm over my body to the other side (the left side was where the pain was) and to place the tennis ball in between my back and the wall; so my back was against the wall and the tennis ball was pushing on my back. I was told to pinpoint the trigger spot by rolling the tennis ball around on my back by doing squat-like motions. After finding the trigger spot to my pain, I was told to do the same motion with the tennis ball on my back in that specific spot now 4 time within one day for about 1 min each time. Also, I was told to ice that area about 4 times a day for about 10-15 min each time due to the inflammation.

After doing all the exercises, the pain was still there at the end of the night, so I went to sleep with the pillows in that specific way that I described above, and surprisingly, I woke up with almost 50-60% of the pain gone. As I continued doing the exercises the next day, more pain went away and within 2-3 days, I was practically pain-free! Anyway, to those that made it through this long post (sorry!), I hope this helps if this is what you’re going through! Thanks again, Joses!”                                                                                                                                       -Iris Peter