Why the Quick Fix?

Our society is built on speed, fast food, fast cars, fast technology and more. All too often there is not even a single moment to be wasted. We have all ran out of the house minutes late, breakfast in hand, attempting to navigate traffic while making that last minute phone call before getting to work. However, are we willing to get so lost in the quick flow of life that we place our own health at stake? Through the daily hustle and bustle of our seemingly hectic lives, it becomes easy to place our health on the back burner. When our bodies are sick, injured, or ailing in any way, we look for anything that can help us fix it as quick as possible.

Time is irreplaceable, and extremely important to all of us. Our time is also invested in what we value. Our bodies should be at the very top of that list. Too frequently it feels like an inconvenience to schedule a medical appointment for ourselves, because of the lack of time. However, when it comes to our health, taking shortcuts should not be the answer and may likely do more harm than good.  I would like to encourage you to see that placing our health as a top priority is a lifelong journey that is extremely worthwhile.

rhjacozkzcg-kerrie-defeliceSelf-care is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies. It can be easy to neglect with tight schedules, responsibilities, and taking care of those we care about. It took me time to realize that taking the time to promote self-care, allows you to become more efficient with what you love to do, as well as allowing you to do it for a longer period of time. That could be the difference that leads to you playing with your grandchild without feeling like the pain in your hip is wearing you down. It could be that you are able to enjoy more hours with your family rather than lying in bed due to severe back pain. Whatever the case may be, self-care in all of its facets is important.

Our individual health needs to shift from being an inconvenience, to being worth-it! The human body is one of the most intricately designed systems in our universe. From every cell body and muscle fiber, to the very organs that keep us alive, the body is a masterpiece. That screams value to me. And that is why your body and your health are worth the time.

As a profession, physical therapy is big on being a part of your journey. We as your healthcare providers value the process of seeing you return to doing what you want and love to do. However, unlike most quick fixes, it takes developing a mutual trust, time, and work from both sides. Your goals become our goals. We not only want to see you moving and functioning at your peak potential, we want you and your family to feel great about it as well. There is no greater joy than watching an individual walk their daughter down the aisle, be able to carry their grand-daughter, or play tennis again when those very things once seemed or felt like a faint unattainable dream.

Prevention is just as important in your health journey. Most pain that many receive over a period of time including neck, knee, shoulder, hip and back pain, come not only through injuries, but from repeatedly poor body posture and positions over a number of weeks, months or years. This may not seem like a big deal when you’re young. Eventually however, the body will let you know in some way, shape, or form. As physical therapists we want to partner up with you, help you understand your body better, strengthen areas that need more support, help areas of your body not moving appropriately, move the way they should, and work with you to restore and maintain your overall health and love of life.

More importantly, prevention and progress with physical therapy visits will ultimately save you time. Your ability to navigate life and its demands each day will be greatly improved. Knowing how to continue taking care of yourself through exercise, healthy eating and adequate rest empowers you to take control. The improved quality of your life will give you and your family one more thing to smile about.

Your Body is worth the investment amidst everything else. It’s not about taking time out of your life to fix one small thing. It is about a lifelong journey to improving your health, while realizing that it is the highest priority. In a world of quick fixes, maybe it’s time we start embracing the journey. Not just for ourselves, but for those that we love and care about. If after reading this blog you feel as though you are ready to embrace your journey, I would recommend that you contact and speak with a local physical therapist. We are ready to journey alongside you.

Thank You For Your Time!

My success and inspiration has come from the guidance of Greg Todd and the Smart Success Physical Therapy course! If you are a Physical Therapist or future Physical Therapist interested in leveling up, I would highly recommend being a part of the Smart Success Season 4! It has changed my life!
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Editors: Eliana Iller, Casey Coleman, Matt Hodgens

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